October 2019

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 3


Very efficient; was able to complete correspondence electronically! Updates were provided timely and the staff was always available and ready [...]

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 32019-11-13T14:55:19+00:00

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 2


Was referred here by a friend when my mother in law got into a motor vehicle accident the attorneys are [...]

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 22019-11-13T14:55:08+00:00

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 1


My experience with DeGrado Halkovich has been a pleasant one. A truly multifaceted law firm that has been able to [...]

DeGrado Halkovich LLC 12019-11-13T14:54:54+00:00

Brandon J. Broderick 3


I had an excellent experience with this office. Settled my case and took care of me, I would recommend them [...]

Brandon J. Broderick 32019-11-08T09:55:22+00:00

Brandon J. Broderick 2


Best lawyer ever!! I didn't have to worry about anything. Always called me to check up on me and how [...]

Brandon J. Broderick 22019-11-08T09:55:12+00:00

Brandon J. Broderick 1


It was a great experience. I was at a previous firm that was not as present and terrible with communicating [...]

Brandon J. Broderick 12019-11-08T09:55:05+00:00

August 2019

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 3


I live in Central Jersey and lawyers from the law office of Jeffrey Hasson traveled there from Union City NJ [...]

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 32019-11-11T10:50:53+00:00

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 2


The attorneys and staff at the law office of Jeffrey Hasson is professional and dedicated. I found my lawyer to [...]

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 22019-11-11T10:50:41+00:00

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 1


A car accident left me jobless for months. I was extremely stressed and my morale was low. The Law Office [...]

Law Offices of Jeffrey Hasson 12019-11-11T10:50:20+00:00

July 2019

Calcagno 3


Rest assured that Andrew Calcagno and his staff will handle your case with care and professionalism from start to finish. [...]

Calcagno 32019-11-11T12:39:54+00:00
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