We Love Hearing That Our Clients Are Happy!

Our dedicated support team focuses on resolving your problems with a client-centric and friendly approach.
We enhance our performance by never settling for less. Our support team always provides our clients with practical solutions and expert knowledge.


Phone Support

Our live agent will address your problems with an issue-prediction approach to improve customer experience over the phone.

Live Chat 24/7

Live chat is one of the quickest methods to get in touch with our clients. Our chat representatives can hold a friendly and warm conversation with clients.

Help Desk

For a great customer experience, you will be directed to contact our most efficient technicians over our support ticketing system.

Our Outstanding Customer Service Support!

By communicating effectively, we build a long-lasting relationship of trust and loyalty with our clients.


Communicative & Adaptable

Our customer service representatives possess persuasive communicative abilities and are adaptable to the customer changing needs. They provide assistance to clients, remove any doubts or insecurities and answer all their questions.

Customer-Friendly Attitude

Our representatives exhibit a friendly and positive attitude towards our clients, even in the most challenging moments. Our support team ensures to make the customer feel good in stressful situations.

Empowering Clients

Our customer service representatives teach the clients how to resolve problems independently. Our clients are just like a family to us, and we help them recognize the best choices for themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For submitting a query on FYL-911, visit our customer support page and fill out the website’s form.
  • Find Your Lawyer 911 offers a free consultation to people and entertains all the legal questions.
  • You can seek all the answers from our team of certified lawyers at any time.
  • According to the general rule of confidentiality, our lawyers keep the client’s affairs confidential.
  • We don’t disclose it unless disclosure is necessary and is permitted by legislation, and is made with the client’s consent.

At an initial consultation with your lawyer, you may be asked about:

  • Details and history of your case.
  • Your expected achievement at the end of the case.
  • Why did you choose me?
  • Are you satisfied with my rates?
  • Our team of professional and licensed lawyers is available throughout New Jersey, New York, and other states of the US.