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Brain Injury Lawyer in Wayne NJ

In New Jersey alone approximately 12,000 residents suffer brain injuries, each year, which results in hospitalization or death. The problem with brain injuries is that it may not always be immediately apparent, because many are caused by seemingly minor accidents.

If you sustain a brain injury you may:

  • Increase the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Increase the chance of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Open the door for other neurological disorders.
  • Suffer permanent disability.
  • Mental impairment.
  • Develop an inability to work.
  • Develop significant behavioral changes.

If you or your loved one have sustained a brain injury, it will have a life-altering impact also on your or your loved one’s family. In case of a brain injury, you may be entitled for compensation under the law. it is recommended to talk to a traumatic brain injury lawyer after an impact on your head as brain injuries may not be immediately apparent.

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