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Workers Compensation Lawyers in Metuchen NJ

The worker’s compensation law, applicable in the state of New Jersey, states that if you or a family member has been injured on the job, then you are entitled to worker’s compensation. A workplace injury is a stressful situation which is made worse by mounting medical bills. The worker’s compensation insurance is also a complicated process; filling the forms and working out the compensation percentage can be highly stressful when you or a family member are injured. Some other complications you can face with worker’s compensation are:

  • Employers may deny workers compensation because there are errors in the paperwork
  • Employers may deny workers compensation because you did not follow the company protocol
  • The employer may fire you for filing a claim
  • You may give up your rights unknowingly when filing the accident report
  • You may face confusion about which medical care is covered by worker’s comp


Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC is a law firm, we are worker’s compensation lawyers in Metuchen NJ who serve the state of new jersey including Clifton NJ. At Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC each partner has their own area of specialty in personal injury law; this means that one bar-certified specialist in worker’s compensation will be completely dedicated to get you the right workers compensation. Our lawyers have years of experience; we will make sure that the worker’s compensation you get covers the cost of your medical treatment from any work-related injury.

We will help you get through the nightmare of filing paperwork correctly, give you legal advice to navigate employer policy tricks, and avoid red tape. We will save you the hassle and file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the right compensation for the injuries you have suffered on the job. We will help you file compensation claims and get medical care for all injuries included in the workers’ compensation law.

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