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A traffic Sargeant is charging a sad woman with a traffic ticket

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Metuchen NJ

We have all received a traffic ticket at some point in our life. Traffic tickets are fines which must be paid for speeding, negligence, and license issues, among other things. What we often don’t realize is that traffic tickets can have lasting consequences.

Some of these consequences are:

  • Traffic tickets deduct points from your driving score
  • Traffic tickets can increase your auto insurance rates
  • Traffic tickets can cause driving license suspension
  • Traffic tickets can create a permanent criminal record
  • Traffic tickets can incite steep fines and jail time


Harrell, Smith, and Williams – LLC is a personal injury law firm in Metuchen New Jersey. Our law office serves clients from all over New Jersey, including East Brunswick and Middlesex County. Our bar-certified lawyers are licensed to practice law in Metuchen municipal court, New Jersey State court and all over the State of New Jersey. Our traffic ticket lawyers have years of experience; we will fight on your behalf for all kinds of traffic offenses, including reckless driving, careless driving, speeding, absence of motor vehicle insurance, and suspended license, etc.

Traffic violations should not be taken lightly; however, you should fight traffic tickets because of their long-term monetary and legal consequences. Our lawyers have been practicing traffic law in Metuchen NJ for several years; they will ensure that your traffic ticket is dismissed and no criminal charges are filed.

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