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Product Liability Lawyers in Metuchen NJ

We have all received a faulty product at some point in our life; a cell phone which does not work or a chopper which does not cut as well as it shows on the TV. However, sometimes, the defective product becomes a dangerous product and causes physical injury to the user.

Every year, thousands of injuries occur as a result of a defective product. A product defect which makes the manufacturer or seller liable is of three kinds:

  • Design Defects: the design of the product is unsafe
  • Manufacturing Defects: the product has been manufactured in a way that could be dangerous
  • Marketing Defects: the product is not marketed correctly, such as missing labeling, inadequate safety warnings, failure to warn about side-effects, and inadequate instructions, etc.


A seller is liable if the design of a baby stroller does not keep the baby secured to it, a seller is liable if the car’s engine catches fire while driving and a seller is liable if their food gives someone food poisoning because they did not warn about allergens in their product. Thousands of other injury cases are also applicable for product liability; Harrell, Smith, and Williams – LLC will get you the just compensation for all of them.
Our product liability attorneys are experienced liability lawyers with deep knowledge of product liability law. We have tried and settled thousands of product liability cases for all kinds of consumer products. Our liability attorneys can settle any product liability claims whether for marketing, design, or manufacture defects.

Typically, product liability brought under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. The injury lawyers of our law firm have deep knowledge of these areas; our firm represents clients with the conviction of receiving the expected settlement.

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