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A young boy from the nursing home staff shouting at a senior citizen

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Metuchen NJ

Nursing home abuse describes a situation in which the nursing home residents suffer physical or psychological harm from the negligence or intentional abuse of the nursing home staff. It is sad, but abuse of the senior and elderly residents of nursing homes happens quite often,10 million elders face nursing home abuse each year.

These abuses can be damaging for our beloved elders; some of the most common consequences of this mistreatment are:

  • Physical Damages: seniors may suffer from slips and falls, welts, bruises, disturbed sleep, malnutrition, dehydration, and even cause wrongful death.
  • Psychological Damages: abuse increases the likelihood of psychological problems like depression and anxiety.
  • Social Damages: Abused seniors are likely to detach themselves from society.
  • Increased Susceptibility to illness: abused elders are more likely to fall ill
  • Increased Need for Medical Care: elders who suffer abuse are three times more likely to be admitted in the emergency ward


At Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC, we don’t tolerate nursing home abuse. We believe that it is the deepest, most unethical form of medical malpractice and should be penalized. Let us help you in filing the claim and receiving the just compensation for the abuse and trauma your loved one has suffered. The law firm of Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC promise you the best home abuse lawyer, legal advice and representation. We will not rest until you a satisfactory compensation has been received.

Let us help you because nursing home law is complex; each state has its own law combined with the federal law. Our abuse lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable about nursing home abuse law, health care law, family law, and employment law. They will provide the most competent legal services to file a claim for your personal injuries.

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