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Community Trust and Client’s Reviews

Abe A. Jaloudi, LLC 3

When I first called them, I was not sure if they will be able to help me. To my surprise, they guided me thoroughly. They are a professional group of lawyers, and I highly recommend them to anyone who need legal help in Clifton NJ. They helped me get money to pay hospital fees for my son when he fell and hurt himself.

Gray A

Abe A. Jaloudi, LLC 2

Abe A. Jaloudi guided me through my medical malpractice lawsuit. They are professional, and their work is second to none. They are truly the best law firm in Clifton NJ.

Fred S

Abe A. Jaloudi, LLC 1

I am happy with the services of the lawyers and staff at Abe A. Jaloudi; they are a dedicated group of people. They were able to get me compensation to fix my car. It was more than I expected! I am happy.

Richard W